Grant Guidelines

Pedro Szwarc, Jorge Lerman, and Norman Lipoff

Grant requests can be for programs, general support, or a capital project.

The following are the areas of primary interest of the Foundation. Unless the request is within one of the following areas it is unlikely that it will receive funding:

  1. Jewish education (formal and informal) and Jewish identity, in Miami and Israel
  2. Social services for vulnerable segments of the Jewish communities of Miami and Israel (including people with disabilities and children at risk)
  3. Israel Experience programs
  4. Higher education in Israel
  5. Holocaust education
  6. Israel education and Zionist initiatives
  7. Health care in Israel or serving the Jewish community in Miami


Each year in February or March the Jack Chester Foundation approves grants for that calendar year to Section 501(c)(3) organizations.

Organizations should apply online and paperless.

Applications should use the Application Cover Sheet and contain all supporting material as requested in the Grant Proposal Format.

The deadline for submission of all applications for grants is December 31st.

To apply, visit How to Apply.